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Keen to learn how you and your team can take a load off and be more creative? Let us introduce you to admation’s project management and approval workflow software for managing marketing projects. Discover some of these nifty features:

  • New project creation
  • Briefing tools
  • Approval workflow management
  • Resource management
  • Project document management
  • Online proofing tools for all media: print, web and digital
  • Task allocation
  • Reporting tools
  • Digital asset management
  • Marketing asset management

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The big picture & everything in between

Get an instant overview of all projects in progress, or drill down to see how individual tasks are tracking. Plan and schedule projects in real time so that everyone has an up-to-minute view of work, and bolster your team’s productivity.


Cruise control for your approval process

With its clever dashboard, admation enables you to track feedback and approvals in real time within a secure, collaborative environment. Stakeholders can log in from anywhere and mark up files online eliminating handwritten feedback. Say goodbye to email approvals, forever.


Frustration free resource management


Assign tasks to project resources in real time. View your weekly, fortnightly and monthly workload to better plan your time. Re-assign tasks to resources with a drag and drop tool. Other features include online timesheets, a quick task assigning feature, resource templates, task lists and a reporting tool.